We’re starting something new by venturing out to local companies and photoblogging the Lunchcruit experience.

First up is personal finance company NerdWallet.


We arrive at noon to NerdWallet’s centrally located Mid-Market headquarters and await our host, Yuichi, a Senior Recruiter at the company.


After a few minutes, he introduces himself and proceeds by giving us some background on nearly 200 person company founded in 2009 followed by a quick tour of the office, which spans two floors.


It looks like everyone is at lunch, but there are quite a few empty desks. Yuichi says the company is doubling its engineering team and hiring across the board!


The bar is beautiful, but sadly, we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. Yuichi says they regularly host tech meetups and happy hours so definitely watch out for those on company’s Twitter @nerdwallet.


After a short office tour, we’re at the cafeteria, where all the hungry employees are waiting in line to eat lunch.

The salad bar is catered daily so if you’re looking to stay healthy, this is the place to be.


NerdWallet uses Zesty and cater2me to feature a variety of local restaurants. Today, employees are enjoying korean food from Stones Korean Kitchen.


We soon got our lunch and spent about an hour casually chatting with Yuichi.


In that hour, we got a chance to establish a relationship with Yuichi and get a good sense of the culture at NerdWallet and what it’s like working there. From what we saw, the company really cares about employee happiness and well-being, with everything including healthy lunches, nap rooms, unlimited PTO, etc. We also learned a whole lot about the personal finance space and just how much of an impact NerdWallet is making in the world.

Overall, the experience was fun, engaging, and very insightful. It’s too bad we’re not looking for our next job, but if you are – grab a lunch with NerdWallet!