For Lunchcruiters

Q: Is it really a free lunch?
A: Yes! Companies love throwing free lunches at talented people. Most provide lunches in their office or will take you out!

Q: What’s in it for the companies?
A: It’s a chance for them to sell themselves to you and just simply share what they’re working on over lunch.

Q: Will I have to meet with a recruiter?
A: No, in fact we encourage companies to pair you with someone in your field. You can also request that specifically when the company reaches out to schedule the lunch.


For Companies

Q: Why free lunch?
A: Most companies offer lunch and it’s an organic opportunity to meet talented people.

Q: Is this recruiting?
A: Not explicitly since not everyone is actively job seeking but it’s a wonderful addition to your recruiting initiative. It’s an opportunity to sell yourself to people.

Q: What if my company doesn’t offer free lunch?
A: Take them out to lunch (on the company of course!)

Q: Will I have to have lunch with everyone that applies?
A: No, you’ll get a lot of applications but you pick and choose who you want to have lunch with.